Saturday, September 12, 2020

Ethics and virtue

Ethics and virtue are mostly used in a sense, but the context of ethics applies in a wider field than ethics, and morality is relatively permanent and widespread and all the judgments in general should be followed - above all. Applies to a certain level of morality ethics) work has a limited form that can be evaluated by both the individual and society.

Moral deeds (ethic acts) = Deeds which are appropriate and praiseworthy from moral point of view.

Non-ethical actions. - Work that is inappropriate from moral point of view.

Ethic void - Work with which there is no standard judgment of just and unfair, such as the actions of young children and lunatics.

Reasonable and Virtue - It is appropriate to work according to moral rules, while virtue and moral excellence are characterized by proper work.

The virtue of character is the brilliance which makes us worthy of observance.

Duty is the duty (moral obligation) that a society expects to behave in a person's office.

Resportsibility: A person who is aware of his duty, ie in his cognizance that my duty is this, then duty becomes an obligation for him.

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