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Sunday, September 13, 2020

What is neno technology. Some uses of this technology

The application of very small things is studied under nanotechnology. Possible to control matter at nanometer scale level using chemistry through nanotechnology
would be able to. Through this, products of highly developed and functional capacity will be made. Thus with the help of engineering in nanotechnology, the mechanisms functioning at the molecular level are created. It can also be used in other fields of science, such as chemistry, biology, physics, materials science and engineering. Nano technology has immense potential in the field of biotechnology.


Nanotechnology can prove to be quite useful in the utility of biomolecules. Drugs derived from bioresources (such as plants) (due to low solubility, low permeability, and asthenia) are not useful in their true form. For this reason, the chemical elements found in medicines (anticancer, anti-inflammatory) are not used in the entire way. With the help of nanotechnology, the bioavailability and permeability of biomolecules can be increased by removing these shortcomings.

Nano technology can be used to function in the field of genes or at the cell level. Nanotechnology for working at molecular level in terms of proteins, carbohydrates and lipids etc.
Can prove to be quite important. Soil management, purification of polluted soil and water etc. are also possible with the help of nano particles. Nano sensor network 'is proving to be very useful for animal health.

In the field of nanotechnology, nanotechnology is being used to create new types of sensors, distribute drugs in a controlled manner and identify diseases. Nano carbon tubes are like a very fine tube in size ie up to 1 nanometer. They can easily float in our blood system and through them the medicine can be delivered to a particular part of the body very easily and in the right amount. These micro-medical devices functioning in the blood system cease to function
After these they can be taken out of the body. While it is possible to inject the sick cell directly with nano needle, DNA can be repaired by the nano robot.

The theory of nanotechnology was first presented in 1959 by Nobel Laureate physicist Richard Finman.

The microscope needed to see things at the nano scale -
Scanning Tunneling Microscope (STM)
Atomic Force Microscope (AFM)

Nanotechnology can play a big role in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, AIDS, diabetes and many other diseases. By this, the diseases are detected in their early stages and their early treatment
It will be possible to do. This technique can also play an important role in the manufacture of prostheses. A revolutionary approach to diagnose and deliver diseases through surgery at the nano level inside cells
The step will be proved. By this, different proteins of a cell can be identified, which is necessary for cancer detection.

. Nano devices used in medicine are mainly carbon based. When inserted into the body, the body's immune system does not recognize them as 'foreign substances'. Identification and repair of damaged cells in the body is possible through the use of nano robots in medicine and medicine. In addition, infection can also be detected by it.

Dna The concept of nanotechnology was first introduced by Nedrian Seaman in 1980. In this, artificial nucleic acid structures are created for technical uses. It is also called 'nucleic acid nanotechnology'. DNA is a carrier of genetic properties, but here it is used as a structural motive.

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