Monday, November 23, 2020

National Digital Health Mission

National Digital Health Mission

The Central Government is preparing to launch the National Digital Health Mission at the national level. This mission was announced by Prime Minister Modi on the occasion of Independence Day 2020.

About National Digital Health Mission:

Under this, a digital platform has been made, in which 4 features will be launched - Health ID, Personal Health Record, Digi Doctor and Health Facility Registry. In the later stages, it will also include e-pharmacy and telemedicine, the guidelines of which are now being prepared. 

National Health Authority (NHA), the implementing agency of Ayushman Bharat has been prepared and it will be launched as an application and website.

For this, the Finance Ministry has allocated a maximum budget of 400 crores.

Linking to this platform will be voluntary, and registrations will be done through mobile application. 

The health information of the person can only be shared with the permission of the said person from another institution

About national health mission

What is National Health ID? 

National Health ID will be a database of all health information of an individual.

According to the National Health Authority (NHA), every patient who digitizes their health records need to create a Health ID. Health ID created using basic details of a person and mobile number or Aadhaar number. 

It will be a unique ID for every person who has an option to link all their health records with this ID. 

In the year 2018 Digital Health ID was proposed by NITI Aayog to take care and reduce the risk of medical errors. 

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