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Wednesday, August 18, 2021

List of Various scientific Instruments and their use

Scientific Instruments - use

 Altimeter:- Measures altitudes.

 Ammeter:- Measures electric current.

Anemometer:- Measures force and velocity of wind and directions.

Audiometer:- Measures intensity of sound.

Altimeter → Scientific instrument to inform altitude

ammeter → electric current measurement

Anemometer → Measurement of air velocity

Audio phone → Improving Hearing Power

Barograph:- Continuous recording of atmospheric pressure.

Barometer:- Measures atmospheric pressure.

Binoculars:- To view distant objects.

Bolometer:- To measure heat radiation.
Binocular → Viewing remote objects

Barograph → Measurement of atmospheric pressure

Crescograph → Record of plant growth

Chronometer → Exactly the time the clock is mounted in the ship

Cardiograph → Measurement of heart rate

Cardiogram → Cardiograph's work partners

Capillary → Compass

Calipers:- Measure inner & outer diameters of bodies

Calorimeter:- Measures quantities of heat

Cathetometer:- Determine heights, measurements of levels, etc. in scientific experiments.

Chronometer:- Determines longitude of a vessel at sea

Colorimeter:- Compares intensity of colors.

Commutator:- To change the direction of electrical current.

Cryometer:- A type of thermometer used to measure very low temperature, usually close to 0° C.

Dilatometer:- Measures changes in volume substance.

Dynamo:- Converts mechanical energy into electrical energy.

Dynamometer:- Measures electrical power.

Dynamo → Turning mechanical energy into electrical energy

Epidiacope → Launch of films on screen

Galvanometer → Measurement of extreme electric current

Gadgermular → Information about the presence of atomic particles

 Manometer → Measuring the density of gas

 Microtomes → The permissible testation of an object divides into small parts.

The odometer → indicates the distance traveled by car.

Periscope → External objects are seen from within the water.

 Photometer → Measurement of light brilliance

 Pyrometer → Measurement of extremely high heat

 Radiometer → Measurement of energy decentralized by radiation

Seismometer → Measurement of earthquake intensity

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