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Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Various causes of origin of earthquakes and 2001 earthquake of Kutch

Earthquake is made up of two words Earthquake means Earthquake refers to the vibration of the Earth, which is caused by the Earth's endogenous force or external causes. In simple words, we can say that stirring in the crust of the earth is called an earthquake. The root cause of the earthquake is the dissolution of the Earth's equilibrium state. Often earthquakes occur on the basis of weak and disorganized crusts. We can see the reasons for the origin of the earthquake as follows-

(1) Volcanic action- The action of volcano and earthquake is interconnected i.e. earthquake must come with the origin of the volcano. During the volcanic action, the vapor appears from the bottom part of the surface, then a strong vibration is produced on the earth's crust due to which the earthquake Come. This is what caused the 1968 earthquake in Sicily Island.

(2) Fault - There is a correlation between the action of various geological movements and earthquakes. The fault occurs on the earth due to tension between rocks. In the case of a tension force, the powers act in two opposite directions. As a result of these actions, vibrations arise in the earth. Mountains are formed by this process, in this process we can experience earthquakes. E.g. Earthquake in the Himalayas, Alps, Rocky.

(3) Dislocation in the ground balance- Normal state is usually found on the ground plane. When a long-term imbalance in the state of land equilibrium arises, earthquakes arise as a result. For example, debris is deposited in the seabed by forces of erosion in the ground areas. Continuous deposition of debris in marine areas
In that area, there is chaos in the balance of land and earthquakes occur.

(4) In the aquifer-water storage areas, the under rocks are changed due to excessive load, the pressure is suddenly increased by man-made reservoirs and dams, which causes earthquakes. E.g. Koyna earthquake of India of 1967.

5) Plate tectonics - Seismic events usually occur with the help of constructive, destructive, and protective plate views when the destructive plate collides, in which case the heavy plate under a low-density plate is deposited, but the heavy plate is repeatedly its Attempts to get into the state, causing an earthquake. Of protective plate
This results in the formation of conversion holes, which cause earthquakes.

Other causes of earthquake generation are the spread of gases, meteorites, earth movements, testing of atomic bombs, and the construction of dam projects.

Kutch earthquake 2001- In India, on 26 January 2001, an earthquake struck a large area, killing many thousands of people. The intensity of this earthquake was 7.6 to 7.7. About 700 km from the impact of this earthquake. The area of ​​UP was affected and lakhs of people in about 21 districts were rendered homeless. India was celebrating its 52nd Republic Day on the same day as  In Gujarat The large impact of the earthquake was seen in the Kutch region. According to official figures, 12,000 people died in Kutch and Bhuj.

The earthquake of Kutch was very impressive and it also affected a large area of ​​Pakistan. Gujarat earthquake of 2001 is also known as the Bhuj earthquake. The Prime Minister of India was Atal Bihari Vajpayee during this earthquake.

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