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Monday, July 13, 2020

Discuss the nature and significance of Din-i-Elahi.

Along with being an imperialist ruler, Akbar was also striving for the prosperity and peace of his empire.  The "Din-i-Ilahi" vote by him in 1582 AD is an example of his coordinating religious policy.  The priest of "Deen-e-Ilahi" was 'Abul-Fazl', whoever wanted to become a member of it, would go on Sunday and put his turban in the foot of the emperor and the emperor would give him a scholar on which "Allah-o-Akbar"  It is written that he would have become a member of Deen-e-Ilahi. A member of Deen-e-Ilahi used to be in his lifetime. Child marriage was forbidden. It was compulsory to observe 10 virtues. From yoke and alcohol  Had to stay away. The emperor had to be ready to emit his property honor. Din-e-Ilahi was not a new religion but a religious path based on the common truth of all religions.  The literal meaning of Din-i-Ilahi is "the religion of worship of one God".  Its aim was to create unity among Indians and to feast on the dead.
 Thus, Akbar's greatness lies not in his victories but his religious tolerance mainly lies in 'Din-i-Ilahi'.  Din-e-Ilahi was such a product that came to Akbar's mind which was the essence of all religions.  Under the influence of Deen-e-Elahi religion, a person was oriented towards virtue, discipline and his duties, where on the one hand is called the era of the prevailing maladies in the medieval period, on the other hand, the Deen-e-Elahi religion practiced by Akbar.  Gave new ideas in person.

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