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Monday, July 13, 2020

Birsa Munda Jayanti 15th November Birsa Munda Movement

Birsa Munda Jayanti

The famous revolutionary tribal hero Birsa Munda was born on 15 November 1875 in Munda of Chota Nagpur region. Tribal youths of Chota Nagpur region under his leadership from 1894 protested against the British for lagaan (tax) waiver. By the year 1900, he confronted the British several times and went to jail. He died in the year 1900 by being poisoned in prison. During epidemic and disasters Birsa Munda served, trained and made tribal people aware. That's why today in the tribal areas of Bihar, Orissa, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh and West Bengal, Birsa Munda is worshipped like God. 

What is Birsa Munda Movement? 

British policies negatively affected almost all sections of the Indian public. Which included the tribal class as well. The revolt of the Munda tribals took place between 1899-1900, which was led by Birsa Munda. There was a trend of mass farming among the Munda tribesmen, which got hurt due to British policies. Virsa was born in 1874 into a family with sharecropping. In 1895 Birsa declared himself the messenger of God. Thousands of tribals started coming to see him and sleep. Soon this religious movement became a political movement of agricultural laborers. Birsa wandered from village to village and worked to arm the tribals and in 1899 a revolt was announced to establish the rule. Plans were made to attack contractors, jagirdars and moneylenders as well as instructed not to raise their hands on poor non-tribals. About 6 thousand Mundas came with Birsa, armed with arrows and swords, axes. Birsa was arrested in early February 1900 and died in prison in June 1900. Thus the Munda Rebellion was crushed, but Birsa became immortal. Birsa Munda as a gross tribal general of India

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