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Saturday, August 22, 2020

Information Technology and the specific provisions of IT Act, 2000

Receipt of data related to the information collection, security, change, exchange, study design, etc. functions and computer hardware and software and applications required for the execution of these tasks, information
Technology is the basis of a computer-based information system, information technology has become an integral part of commerce and business in present times. Communications
As a result of the revolution, now electronic communication is also being considered as a major component of information technology and it is also called information and communication technology.

The Information Technology Act-2000-Information Technology Act was introduced on 9 January 2000. In the General Assembly to the United Nations on January 30, 1997, Proposal Number 51/162, the Model Manual of Information Technology, known as the United Nations Commission of International Trade Law. After the introduction, it became mandatory to introduce. The United Nations has given equal importance to the use of information technology or paper for the exchange of dialogue in this manual and appealed to the entire country to accept it. It was passed by the Indian Parliament on 17 October 2000.


(1). Attempting to tamper with computer resources Section-65

(2) Attempt to tamper with the data stored in the computer Section-66

(3) Provision of penalty for sending restricted information through communication services Section-66 (A)

(4) Penalty for wrongly obtaining stolen information of computer or any other electronic gangs - Section 66 (B)

(5) Provision of punishment for stealing someone's identity - 66 (C)

(6) Penalty in accessing one's personal data with the help of computer by hiding his identity - Section - (D

(7) Penalty for violating someone's privacy - Section 66 (E)

(4) Provision of Dad for Cyber ​​Terror - 66 (F)

(9) Provisions relating to the publication of objectionable information - Section 67

(10) Penalty for publishing or disseminating sex and pornographic information through electronic means - Section-67 (A)

(11) Publication or transmission of such objectionable material in an electronic medium which shows children in obscene state Section- 67 (B)

(12) Provision of penalty to increase or prevent information by intermediaries - 67 (C)

(13) Provision for unauthorized access to protected computers Section-70

(14) Misrepresenting data and data Section-7

(15) Provision related to breach of mutual trust and privacy Section-72 (A)

(16) Provision for making information public to the contract in violation of conditions - Section-72 (A)

(17) Publication of fake digital signature - Section-73

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