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Thursday, August 20, 2020

Reasons behind the Industrial Revolution of England

The Industrial Revolution first took place in England. Politically, England was not a particularly powerful country. France was more prosperous than England, yet this curve started in England itself. There were some specific reasons for this, which is as follows -

Natural reasons

1. Abundance of natural resources
2. Favorable geographical location
3. Air
4. Broken beach
5. Superiority of sea power-

commercial purpose

1. To find the necessary background for economic development
2. Lack of labor and the need for labor intensive tools
3. Unlimited accumulation of capital
4. Wide Market Area
5. Scientific invention
6. Traffic Development
7. Achievement of Southern workers
8. England's business and economic policy
9. Qualification of organization
10. Development of banking system
11. Personal Economic Freedom
12. Developing Approach

political reasons

1. An environment of political stability and peace
2. Freedom from external attacks
3. France's State Revolution
4. State interest
5. Freedom from slavery and complete personal freedom

Socio-religious reasons

Compatibility of Sama and religious environment

From the above description, it is clear that in the early 18th century all the conditions of nutrition and favorable conditions of industrial revolution were present in England. That is why he became the pioneer of the Industrial Revolution in Europe.

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