Thursday, August 20, 2020

What is Mega Food park yojna ?

The Mega Food Park Scheme of the Ministry of Food Processing Industries aims to bring progress in the development of the food processing industry in the country by establishing a strong food processing infrastructure through an effective supply chain.
A cluster / flock-based approach is adopted under the Mega Food Park scheme. In order to encourage the establishment of food-processing units in such Paks, the local level needs
Corresponding food-processing infrastructural facilities are provided. Here modern storage facility, disinfected packing, quality-regulation laboratory, cold storage-house facility
And modern technical facilities are provided for processing. Also, such parks include captive power-plants (power generating units as per the requirement of a generating unit
Plant) through the establishment of an efficient and effective power supply.
The mega food park adopts a demand-driven approach. Also, it is based on the Hub and Scope model. Under this model, there is the presence of mega food-parks in the center and the collection centers around it
Are related.

Benefits from Mega Food Park

The purpose of setting up a mega food park is to provide a mechanism to connect farmers, practitioners, and retail traders together. by this
By connecting farmers and agricultural products with the market, it will be possible to ensure maximum value-addition in agricultural products. Also, better storage and cold storage facilities from such parks
It will help in reducing the wastage of agricultural and animal products by ensuring availability. This will also increase the income of farmers and it will also be possible to reduce the pressure of employment in rural areas.

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