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Friday, August 21, 2020

The reasons behind the decline of the Mughal Empire

- The Mughal Empire founded by Babur (1526) started falling down after the death of Aurangzeb's in 1707.

The main reasons for this were-

1. Aurangzeb's policies and war - Aurangzeb was responsible for the decline of the Mughal state
Cuteness and anti-Hindu nature were the main reasons. He made the Katas, Rajputs, Marathas, Mikvas, etc. his enemy due to his fanatic policy. Aurangzeb fought wars with various kingdoms in the south for 25 years to subjugate South India to Delhi, in which he had to suffer the immense loss of wealth and mass. These wars rocked the roots of the empire.

2. Excess of taxes - Mughals imposed heavy taxes on the subjects for their pleasures and wars. Those who became very difficult to repay. There was discontent among farmers and the general public.

3. Large empire- The vastness of the Mughal Empire outside India and India also led to the downfall. A specific kingdom can only be operated by a powerful center. The weak center led to the collapse of the Mughal Empire. Akbar kept the empire with all his diplomacy and saved the empire, but his successors could not succeed in it.

4. Rebellion of the chieftains and princes- The rebellions of loyal warlords and princes also assisted in the decline of the Mughal Empire. The revolts of state chieftains like Salim Khusro, Shah Jahan, Aurangzeb married the unity of the empire.

5. War for Succession - Wars for succession weakened the Mughal Empire. There was no definite rule of succession in the Muslim Raj power. In the case of many contenders for the throne, the decision was made on the strength of the sword. The war for power between Jahangir's sons and Shah Jahan's sons helped in the decline of the empire.

6. Moral decline of the Mughal rulers - The early rulers of the Mughal state was loyal and characterful to the state, but the later Mughal rulers of Jahangir started becoming luxuriant and inaccessible.

7. Religious policy - The religious policy of the Mughal rulers was biased. Most of the kings are fanatics of Islam
Were followers. They supported the propagation and development of Islam while damaging the religions of other religions, due to which the Mughal Empire could not get their support.

8. Rise of Hindu powers - The budding Hindu powers also played an important role in the decline of the Mughal Empire. The Marathas, Jats Sikhs, Rajputs, etc. organized themselves and stood up against the Mughal Empire, who attacked Hindu culture.

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