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Friday, August 21, 2020

What are the characteristics of an ideal village?

- Agriculture should be developed in an ideal village and proper arrangements for education, health, and housing should have the following characteristics.

1. Advanced farming system- For the development of agriculture, large areas should be combined with small uneconomic farms. Consolidation should be used; Use of collective agriculture, organic and chemical fertilizers to increase yield, use of improved seeds for agriculture, and modern irrigation facilities should be used. Appropriate arrangements for yield storage, cooperative and
There should be a system of sale of produce with the help of crops.

2. Residential facilities - There should be proper accommodation in the village. The houses should be raw or paved but should be clean and tidy, as well as the proper arrangement of bathrooms, toilets, etc. in the house. There should be a system for the animals to collect a separate barn and collect the cow dung from it.

3. Drinking water system - For clean drinking water, the ponds, ponds, steps, etc. should be renovated. The villagers should put such a system in the garbage etc. There should be a focus on ground water augmentation in the village. There should be proper drinking water arrangements for the villagers in the village.

4. Health facilities- There should be a system of first aid centers and doctors in the villages and medicines should be managed as per the requirement so that the health related difficulties of the villagers can be treated at the village level itself, as well as the benefits of various health related schemes of the government. The villagers could get it.

5. Education system - Efforts should be made to educate every child in the village. There should be awareness towards girl education among the villagers. Along with traditional education in the village, adult education should also be provided. There should be a provision of nutritious and clean mid-day meal.

6. Transport facilities - There should be roads for proper arrangement of transport in the village so that the village should be connected to the surrounding villages, towns and district headquarters. Roads should be used in all climates.

7. Communication facilities- There should be a proper arrangement of communication tools in the village. Telephone, post office, and the internet, etc. facilities should be available.

8. Energy and environmental awareness- Debt should also be used. The villagers should have environmental awareness. Waste in a rural village
Make proper use of the substances and reuse them if there is a possibility. Rural should be active towards the use and tree planting of trees so that greenery can spread in the village.

9. Industrial development - There should be the development of agro-based industries in the village such as the dairy industry, poultry
Industry etc. Cottage industries can be developed in the village. So that the villagers can get employment in their villages and their income can increase.
10. Financial facility - For rural financial facilities, mainly rely on moneylenders and moneylenders, etc. who exploit them many times. Adarsh ​​Gram should have the facilities of rural banks and cooperative banks, so that the villagers can avail financial facilities. The habit of saving can be increased by making the villagers aware of the creation of self-help savings groups in the villages.

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