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Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Clarify the administrative relations between the Union and the States in India.

Article 2 of Part XI of the Constitution. From 256-263, administrative relations between the Union and the States have been explained. Which can be seen under the following points.

Administrative relations

The two administrative systems — the central and state systems — do not run parallel to each other. They meet in some places and in these places, the center dominates over the states.

Article 256 - The executive power of the state will be exercised in such a way that the Acts of the Parliament are not obstructed.

Article 257 - The executive power of the states will be used in such a way that the executive power of the Union is not disturbed.

Article 257 - May direct the States to protect and maintain the center and media.

If such a directive is not followed, it can be considered a failure (failure) of the state's system of reconciliation under Article 355 and imposition of President's Rule under Article 356.

The success and power of federal polity is based on cooperation and coordination between governments.

Article 258 - The Center can use the administrative machinery of the states for the implementation of Parliamentary Acts. The center also has the power to deploy military or paramilitary forces in a state without its consent.

Article 262- This Article empowers Parliament to legislate for the resolution of the dispute related to inter-state river water. Under this right, the Parliament passed the "Inter-State River Water Disputes Act, 1956. According to which the President may constitute the Inter-State River Water Tribunal for adjudication of such disputes. The arbitration granted by such tribunal was once notified in the Official Gazette of the Center. After paying taxes, it becomes binding on the parties concerned.

Article 312 - Recruitment of All India Services is done by the Training and Recruitment Center. But its officials mostly work at the state level. Thus, the center can control the functions of state administration.

Article 352- When emergency situation prevails, the Center can give administrative instructions to the states on any subject.

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