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Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Ideology and programme of any two major political parties in India.

Political parties are voluntary organizations or organized groups of people who hold the same viewpoint and who seek political power to advance the nation in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution.
The position of political parties is important in a modern democracy. A multi-party system prevails in India, but the two major Bharatiya Janata Party predominantly dominate.
To understand the ideology of these two parties, they also have to know the rise and development of the Congress, on the one hand, the Congress was formed in the colonial period in 1885 and if it was the leader of the nationalist movement, then its character and ideology were also nationalist, tolerance, freedom, equality, Values ​​such as generosity and personal rights, etc. Congress Gandhism is the representative body of Nehruism.
On the other hand, BJP was formed in 1980 with the dissolution of Jana Sangh. Initially, after adopting the trend of Hindu nationalism, the ideology of the party was liberalized and values ​​like secularism, nationalism, economic liberalization were encouraged.
Therefore, both parties are watchmen of Ek Bharat, Samruddhi Bharat 'and its shared culture.

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