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Wednesday, August 19, 2020

The proposed office of Lokpal and his jurisdictions in India.

Inspired by the Scandinavian countries 'ombudsman' system to curb corruption, 'Lokpal' at the central level and 'Lokayukta' institutions at the state level were finally legalized in 2013 and the Lokayukta in 21 states, National Capital Territory of Delhi and Lokpal institution was established at the center.

Office of Lokpal

(1) The Lokpal shall consist of a Speaker and a maximum of 8 members.
(2) The president and members will be elected by a 4-member committee. The President will appoint the Lokpal on the recommendation of the committee.
(3) At the end of the term, the chairman and members cannot be reappointed nor can they get any political post.

Jurisdiction of Lokpal

Under the jurisdiction of Lokpal
(1) Public servant
(2) Former and current Prime Minister
(3) Union Minister
(4) Member of Parliament
(5) An autonomous body established by an Act in Parliament
(4) Partially or wholly funded bodies / boards by the Center
(7) Institutions etc. donated from public. Apart from this, others also come. But in the context of international relations, nuclear energy, space issues, it cannot be investigated.

But due to the Lokpal not receiving any constitutional status and its implementation being dependent on the will of the government, it could not function as expected.

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