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Tuesday, September 8, 2020

What were the helpful factors in the independence of india

A description of the supporting elements in India's independence is as follows-

(1) Communal riots and mass movements - Communal riots and mass movements have put the British officials to sleep. The most important thing is that the mass movement kept the British rule going in India.
Made impossible. Communalism served as an arsenal of the policy of 'divide and rule' for the imperialist power, but communalism and mass movements in the coming days caused chaos in the country and it became difficult for the British to maintain peace in the country.

(2) During the Second World War and the challenge to British power, British rule tried for Indian support but they did not succeed and the Indian public's opposition to the government deepened and the Congress led the Quit India Movement. Therefore, leaving India now remains the only option for the colonial government.

(3) Unsuitable Indian colony - The empire's steel structure was shattered during the war. European soldiers of the British Army were also not keen to stay in India indefinitely and now India was also becoming a burden on Britain from the economic point of view. The economic burden on the British was increasing due to frequent movements and strikes.

(4) Lack of consumer goods - While the hardship of the people was increasing in the turbulent environment during the war, on the other hand Indian production was sent for military requirements and there was a decrease in imported goods from Britain. As a result, inflation reached its peak and famine arose and public dissatisfaction reached its peak.

(5) Azad Hind Fauj and Naval Rebellion - The activities and naval revolt of Azad Hind Fauj shaken the British Empire's roots in India. It became difficult for the British to stay in India.

(6) The nationalists were also tired of fighting with the imperialist rulers and their mindset had also changed, that is, they wanted to get freedom immediately.

(7) The British succeeded in governing by dividing Indians. Communalism had been a source of trouble for the Congress since its inception. In fact, the Congress had to fight on two counts. While on the one hand it had to compete with the imperialist rule, on the other hand it had to struggle equally to block the spread of communalism, but when the Congress was convinced that independence was not possible without partition of the country and the League's demand was accepted. In such a situation, there was no basis for the British to remain in India.

Therefore, the above helpful elements have helped in achieving India's independence. The partition of India had to pay a very heavy price for achieving India's independence.

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