Tuesday, September 8, 2020

A brief introduction to Avantibai

Avantibai was the queen of Ramgarh (Mandla) who is known for valor during the freedom struggle. Avantibai was the queen of Ramgarh, a small principality in Mandla district. Rani Avanti Bai's husband Raja Laxman Singh was the last king of Ramgarh. After his death, he became the ruler of Ramgarh. It should be known that at the time of the death of Rani Avantibai's husband, her son was minor and mentally in charge of ruling. For this reason, the British rule took the manor of Ramgarh. Rani Avantibai was the widow of Laxman Singh, but the British appointed a tehsildar to look after the administration here. Rani Avantibai was angry with the British for this reason. For this reason Avantibai in the revolution of 1857
ran away . The Rani's army took a pledge to free the state from the British, by steaming the eyes of the British state policy on the state. His army forced the British commander warden to apologize at Khairi village on the border of Mandla city. The British general warden laid siege to Ramgarh with the help of the army of Rewa state. On 20 March 1858, there was a war between a handful of soldiers of the English army and Queen Avantibai, in which the queen's army was defeated. Queen Avantibai and her bodyguard Girdharibai decided to martyr by dagger in the chest instead of being caught alive, and thus Queen Avantibai sacrificed her life while fighting for her kingdom. The name of Avantibai is prominent in the Veeranganas of Mandla district, but she did not receive the name which the queen of Jhansi received.

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