Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Who was Nurjahan ( Mehrun Nisa ).

-Nur Jahan whose real name was Mehrunnisa, his father's name was Mirza Gyasbeg. Gyasbeg's father was the ruler's minister. After the death of his father, Nirja Gyasbeg came to the family of Hindustan due to economic conditions and adverse conditions. Nur Jahan was born in Kandhar. Mehrunnisa grew up as a beautiful beauty. Mehrunnissa at the age of 17 in 1594 married to a brave young man named Ali Quli. He was recruited as a soldier in the army of Abdurrahim Khankhana. After killing a lion, he was later given the title of 'Lion Afghan'. In 1606, Qutubuddin was made the Subedar of Bengal in place of King Mansingh due to continuous news of Vindroh and conspiracy in Bengal. As soon as Subedar, Qutubuddin attacked Sher Afghan and in the meantime, Sher Afghan was put in the service of Salima Begum, a widow of death (1607). Jahangir married her in 1611. Jahangir conferred upon him the title of 'Nurmahal' and later 'Nur Jahan'. When Nur Jahan was married to Jahangir, she was 34 years of age, even at this age, there was no shortage of beauty as Nur Jahan. This woman with a strong will, uncontrolled ambition, lacked practical intelligence. Jahangir's unflinching love for Nur Jahan and growing affection for the state work increased as Jahangir's indifference to his works increased, as the power and influence of Nur Jahan grew. After some time Shah Jahan and Nur Jahan also took the form of rebellion. After Jahangir's death (1127), Nur Jahan spent 18 years and a half of life in 1655 in this fast-paced brave woman of Mughal history.

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