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Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Mention the prominent buildings built during the Mughal period.

-Major buildings constructed during the Mughal period are mentioned below-

(1) Humayun's Tomb - It was constructed during the reign of Akbar. It is the first important building of the Mughal period. It is located in Delhi. It was built in 1564 under the supervision of Haji Begum, wife of Iranian interests Humayun.

(2) Agra Fort- Agra Fort is particularly famous among the forts. Most of the buildings of this fort have been ruined, however, Jahangiri Mahal is left to say their glory. This two-storied square building is of red stone. There is also marble work in the interior. This palace seems to have a Hindu king's palace due to its high Hindu influence. The forts of Lahore and Allahabad were also built by Akbar.

(3) Fatehpur Sikri- It was 22 miles away from Agra that Akbar built the city of his dreams, Fatehpur Sikri. This is where Jahangir was born.

(4) Sikandra- Akbar's mausoleum built in Sikandra, 5 miles from Agra, was started by Akbar himself. This was done by Jahangir in 1613. It was based on the style of architecture of the Buddhist Bihar of India.
The only mausoleum that does not have a dome.

(5) Tomb of Etmad-ud-Daula - Tomb of Nur Jahan's father Etmad-ud-Daula built in Agra is the first building of the Mughal period which is complete marble.
Is made up of The first mosaic work of Pitradaur has been done in it.

(6) Jahangir's tomb- Jahangir's tomb was built in Lahore by Nur Jahan which is simple.

(7) Red Fort of Delhi- The famous fort of Delhi was built by Shah Jahan. Its construction was completed in 1648. There are many buildings and verandahs inside the fort. Among these, Diwane Khas, Rangmahal, Deewane Mango, and the royal residence are more important.

(4) Jama Masjid (Delhi) - This is the largest Jama in India. There is a mosque. It was built by Shah Jahan in Delhi at a cost of one million. It has three huge marble domes, high towers making the whole structure very impressive and pictorial.

(9) Taj Mahal- "A dream in the form of marble" Taj Mahal is the culmination of the development of Mughal architecture. Shah Jahan built it in Agra on the banks of the Yamuna in memory of his wife Mumtaz Mahal. Its construction took more than 20 years.
Two mosques in Lahore and Moti Masjid in Delhi were also constructed during Aurangzeb's period.

Thus Mughal architecture rightly started from the era of Akbar and reached its climax during the reign of Shah Jahan. During the period of Aurangzeb, it fell into the pit of collapse.

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