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Sunday, September 13, 2020

Explain Mahatma Gandhi's conception of decentralization in democracy.

"Gandhi considers the centralization of political and economic systems as the root cause of exploitation. In this, people are not able to develop their feelings. Hence centralization of power is violence." Now the centralization of power and the structure of a non-violent society is unable to fit. Therefore, centralization and non-violent society is conflicting.
Centralization is a symbol of violence. Gandhi ji has given six social, economic and educational grounds for the establishment of his non-violent state-

1. Place of disagreement (Satyagraha)
2. Development of rural industries (village industries)
3. Primary education by hand work (new training)
4. Prevention of Untouchability
5. Communal harmony
6. Labor non-violent organizations.

Gandhiji believes that a non-violent state can be created through constructive programs. According to him, in the true democracy, the people should have real power in both theory and practice.
needed. "He is in favor of the fact that the" referendum "should take public opinion on a resolution, the initiative of the" Initiative "public and the power to recall an elected member by the" recall "public should remain in the hands of the public Any specific bill can be presented on the demand of the required number of voters and the public opinion can be taken. " Gandhi village wants to make Swarajya such a complete democracy. Those who are complete in themselves, self-reliant, who can provide for their needs
Do not depend on others, fulfill your needs yourself. In this way, the first task of every village will be to produce cotton for the grains and clothes it needs. For this, we want to make every village a political unit. Gandhi says, "The center of power is still in New Delhi or
Are in large cities like Calcutta or Bombay; It should be divided into seven lakh villages. Of the village being a unit of political life
The flow will be from bottom to top.

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