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Sunday, September 13, 2020

The contribution of Kautilya in the Indian Politics

Kautilya is a name in the history of Indian political thought whose character and personality are unique. Kautilya's 'Arthashastra' is a masterpiece written in many contexts on the economy, social system, judiciary, administration, and politics.It is called an encyclopedia of political science, sociology, economics, and jurisprudence, there will be no exaggeration. Mentioned in Kautilya's 'Arthashastra'
The idea is still useful and relevant today. Without Kautilya, studying the history of Indian political thought was considered incomplete and incomplete.
will go. This is the reason that Kautilya's political and social views have been included in the courses of political science and ancient Indian history in almost all universities of India.

Kautilya was a high scholar, a serious thinker, a practical and clever politician. He has a historical contribution to the destruction of the Nandas and the establishment and expansion of the Magadha Empire. Kautilya lived a life of simplicity despite being the General Secretary of the Maurya Empire. He is right of 'plain life high thought'
Were symbols. Acharya Kautilya is considered as the founder and mentor of the Mauryan Empire on the one hand as a well-known and visionary politician on the other hand
He has the distinction of being the only scholar of his subject in the history of Sanskrit literature due to his incomparable and amazing work. Kautilya's scholarly, mastery and foresight are described in the scriptures, poems, and other texts of India. Like Machiavelli, Kautilya also attempted to separate politics from morality and study it as an independent scripture. For this reason, Kautilya is called India's Machiavelli. According to Salatore's statement, Kautilya occupies a paramount place in political thought in ancient India.

Kautilya's 'Arthashastra' is a unique book not only on administration but also on war, defense, economy, law, and many other matters. Many scholars believe that very few books in the whole world will be like 'Arthashastra' which gives information on so many subjects simultaneously. This is the reason that in the history of ancient India, Kautilya has been considered a great politician, diplomatist, skilled administrator, economist, a scholar of the Vedas.

Kautilya has a unique contribution to Indian political thought. He is considered the first political scribe of ancient Indian political thought. In his political thought, there is an explanation of questions related to stability and change, ethics, and practices of immorality, spirituality, and worldliness. In Kautilya's view, the ultimate goal of the ruler is to expand the state, its stability, and its expansion; And on the attainment of those objectives, it is suggested to do it by all means. Despite this, he teaches the rulers of policy perfection so that they do not become non-believers. Studying the discussion of the obligations of the rulers, it is clear that Acharya Kautilya represents a folk welfare state in ancient India.
By Kautilya as much as the practical and principled aspects of the state, administrative system, international relations, and judicial system ideas.
A clear discussion has been made, on that basis, it can be said with confidence that Kautilya is a great political thinker and practical political
Is a guide thinker. Such integrated thinking on religion, meaning, work, salvation, politics, and administration gave him a place in the category of the world's best thinkers.
Does. The ideas related to political literature in their state administration, law justice, and international relations are the milestones of political thought, which
Rulers and politicians still have guides.

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