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Saturday, September 12, 2020

The role of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar in the framing of Constitution.

. Dr. Ambedkar's political thinking was greatly influenced by the liberal thought and tradition of Europe. In which people considered life, liberty, and property system is essential for the development of the person. Dr. Ambedkar supported bicameral administration. He supported making the President the Constitutional President. Dr. Ambedkar's argument regarding the merit of the ministers was very practical. One view was that no person should be a minister if he is not a member of the administration, but Dr. Ambedkar thought that such an imperative should not be required. If there is a qualified person and he is defeated in the election from one place, he should still be made a minister and should be conditioned that within 8 months he should be elected from another place and become a member of the House. Dr. Ambedkar tried to provide self-respect and dignified status to the downtrodden and exploited sections through constitutional provisions. With a view to making radical changes in the social system, Article 14 and 17 of the Indian constitution not only gave equal rights to all citizens but abolished untouchability and its promotion was considered a crime.

Dr. Ambedkar's idea of ​​maintaining civil liberties under all circumstances. Therefore, in relation to the rights of constitutional remedies, he said that if anyone asks me, what article of the constitution is this, without which the constitution will be void almost, then I cannot indicate any other article except that article. This is the heart and soul of the Constitution and I am very happy that the House has understood its importance. Future No Parliament can circumvent the articles mentioned in this article. Because the power to remove the writ (writ) of the Supreme Court is provided by the Constitution, not dependent on any law made by the will of Parliament.

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