Thursday, September 3, 2020

What is UPSC ? Write its Functions?

The Union Public Service Commission is an institution established by the Constitution of India to conduct examinations for the appointment of public service officers of the Government of India. Articles 315-323 of the Constitution provide information on the 'Federal Public Service Commission' and a State Public Service Commission for the states. The first Public Service Commission was established on October 1, 1926 AD. The main role of the commission is to select persons for appointments in various central civil services and posts and services common to the center and states (ie All India Services). The headquarters office of the Union Public Service Commission of India is in  Dhaulpur House, New Delhi.

Role  / Functions of UPSC

The following functions and roles have been assigned to the Union Public Service Commission under Articles 320 and 321 of the Constitution-

1 Recruitment through the conduct of competitive examinations on services and posts under the Union.

2 Recruitment by selection through an interview on services and posts under the Central Government.

3 To advise on the suitability of officers for appointment on promotion as well as transfer on deputation.

4 To advise the Government on all matters related to the method of recruitment to various services and posts.

5 Disciplinary matters related to various civil services.

6. To solve miscellaneous matters relating to grant of extraordinary pension, reimbursement of legal expenses, etc.


Its main function is to select members for public service of the Center and States. For this, it conducts various examinations such as-

1 Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination (in May)

2 Civil Services (Principal) Examination (in October / November)

3 Indian Forest Service Examination (in July)

4. Engineering Services Examination (in July)

5 Geologist Examination (in December)

6. Special Class Railway Apprentices Examination (in August)

7 National Defense Academy and Naval Academy Examination (April and September

4. Attended Defense Services Examination (in May and October)

9 Combined Medical Services Examination (in February)

10. Indian Economic Service / Indian Statistical Service Examination (in September)

11. Section Officer / Stenographer (Grade B / Grade Limited Departmental Competitive Examination (in December)

Apart from this, its main task is to recruit State Public Service Officers as officers from the Union Public Service, make rules for recruitment, organize departmental promotion committees, resolve any other matters specified by the President of India.

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