Thursday, September 3, 2020

Child Health Programme in Madhya Pradesh

Child Health program in mp was started to prevent the death of newborns and to ensure their better health. Of the newborn deaths that occur around the world, 30 percent i.e. about 1.2 million deaths occur in India and the highest infant mortality rate in the country. Has been found in, Therefore, the current state of health in Madhya Pradesh emphasizes the need for health care of newborns. The mortality rate of newborns in Madhya Pradesh is 44.9 (National Family Health Survey,

(NFHS-3), 2005-06, India) Survey results of DLHS-3 reveal the reasons for this increased mortality. Low birth weight at the time of birth is the main reason for 42 percent of these deaths. It is important to note that if the weight of the newborn is low at birth, then the chances of survival of her during the first month are very low. In Madhya Pradesh, 23.4 percent of newborn babies born in the year 2005-06 had less than two and a half kilograms.

Community Health Center with 24 hours facility for newborn care - 216 of the 278 community health centers in Madhya Pradesh are the same.

Where 24-hour care facilities are available for newborns. They also include facilities like an incubator. According to the DLHS-3 report, 62 community health centers still do not have facilities in the state to take care of newborns.

Primary Health Centers with Warmer or Incubator facility for the newborn - Only 8.23 ​​percent primary health centers in Madhya Pradesh have facilities like warmer or incubator for the care and maintenance of newborns. Out of 1142 primary health centers in Madhya Pradesh, only 94 health centers have incubator facilities for newborns.

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