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Saturday, November 14, 2020

5th Scorpion submarine "Vagir" launched in India

5th Scorpion submarine "Vagir"

The Indian Navy launched the 5th Scorpion submarine "Vagir" at Mazgaon Dock, South Mumbai on 12 November 2020.

What is Wagir submarine? 

It includes submarine, anti-surface warfare, anti-submarine warfare,  mines laying, intelligence gathering and also able to carry out missions such as field monitoring.

Important facts about Wagir submarine

-Wagir is named after Sand Fish. This is deep-sea hunter fish in the Indian Ocean. 

- Vagir is a part of 6 Kalvari class submarines being built in India. 

-These submarines were designed by the French Navy and DCNS, an energy company. 6 submarines were made under the Project 75 of the Indian Navy. 

- The first Vagir submarine taken in the year 1973 was from Russia.

What is Project 75? 

- The aim of Project 75 is to create 6 Scorpion class attack submarines. These submarines were made in the Mazagon building Dock Ltd. by  the  technology of DCNS, a French company. 

-Under this project, the first Scorpion submarine Kalvari was commissioned in the year 2017. 

The second Scorpion class submarine commissioned under the project was the Scorpion Khanderi.
The third Scorpion-class submarine was INS Karanja.
INS Vella was the  Fourth Scorpion Submarine. 
The 5th Scorpion submarine INS Vagir is currently being inducted. INS VAGSHIRe is now also under construction.

What is the Scorpion class submarine? 

It is a diesel-electric submarine, which was jointly developed by French and Spanish company. The specialty of these submarines is that they have an additional air independent propulsion. So that, it can operate in deep sea without surface atmospheric oxygen.

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