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Saturday, November 14, 2020

First successful human trial of hyperloop has been done

First successful human trial of hyperloop technique

Virgin Hyperloop Company conducted the first successful human trial of Hyperloop in Las Vegas, USA. Indian-origin engineer Tanay Manjrekar working in Virgin Hyperloop also became the first Indian to sit in Hyperloop Pod during testing. 

What is Hyperloop Technique? 

Friction caused by air and land are the major impediments to the motion of an object vehicle, the hyperloop technique is
the idea of ​​achieving fast speed by adopting low frictions. Hyperloop is a low pressure, almost vacuum tube, in which a pod is operated in a linear electromagnetic path. This pod is raised above the ground, it also has solar panels. Vacuum in hyperloop tube air is pumped out through the pump. It can achieve speeds up to 1000 km/h. Famous entrepreneur Elon Musk first gave the idea of ​​hyperloop technique in the year 2013.

Benefits of the Hyperloop Technology

The transportation will be very fast. 

Energy consumption is very low. 

Pollution will decrease. 

There will be minimal weather impact on transport.

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