Friday, April 15, 2022

General management important mcqs


1) Question :- Which is not the key functions of a Chief marketing Officer in leading marketing within

the organization?

Correct Answer :-Hiring of sales executive/ fam! edont a udt

2) Question  :- Which of these does not influences behaviour?

Correct Answer :-Organizational Factors

3) Question Stimulus :- What should not be the contents of a marketing plan?

Correct Answer :-Customer Feedback/ ae UfafPar

4) Question Stimulus :- A is the set of consumers who takes a sufficient level of interest in a market offer

Correct Answer :-Potential Market

5) :- consists of the company and its supporting stake holders.

Correct Answer :-Marketing networks/ faqur Acae

6) Question :- Which of these is the basis of Segmenting Consumer Markets?

Correct Answer :-Geographic Segmentation/ abnfere furs

7) :- Inspite of the rapid growth of marketing research, many companies still fail to use it sufficiently or correctly, for several reasons. Which of these is not the reason?

Correct Answer :-Good feedback of customers

8) :- Which of these is the first stage of “Five stage model of the consumer buying process”?

Correct Answer :-Problem Recognition

9) :- Michael Porter has identified some forces that determine the intrinsic long term attractiveness of a market or a market segment. Which of these is not defined under these forces?

Correct Answer :-Organizational staffs

10) :- Holistic marketing framework is designed to address three key management questions. Which of these is not the question answered by this?

Correct Answer :-Value Recognition

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