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Wednesday, August 12, 2020

What were the main issues before the Constituent Assembly of India

The Constitution of India was formed by the Constituent Assembly constituted under the Cabinet Mission (1946). Only a good constitution can provide full support in the full-fledged development of a nation, which the people of that country, themselves or the Constituent Assembly of the country have created from their experience. This statement applies in the context of India.

The major challenges / issues faced by the constituent assembly of India were.

To provide a system of balanced and equal governance to all sections of the minority as well as the marginalized, the underprivileged, the backward

To create a constitution that fulfills the aspirations of India and its large population filled with diversities.

To take into consideration the immediate and long-term needs of new and newly formed India.

To give a secular constitution to the country facing communal bites.

Besides all these the constituent Assembly had to keep in mind that -

Everyone should get representation in the Constituent Assembly.
It should not remain as a Congress conference.
Do not become a gathering of scholars and lawyers.
Do not remain as a body of dots etc. which were also objected to.

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