Sunday, September 13, 2020

Eight Fold path of Mahatma Buddha.

Buddhism prevailed soon after the Mahaparinirvana of Mahatma Buddha. Its purpose was to secure the Buddha's words. We get a comprehensive knowledge of Buddhism from the Pali Tripitaka itself. The foundation of Buddhism is 'Four Ages Truth'. These are the basis of all the principles of this religion and various philosophical beliefs developed later. These four are Aryasya. Grief, community, grief-prevention and grief-prevention-gamini pratipada (the path of grief) means the spiritual path.

According to Buddha, birth is also sorrow, Zara (old age) is also sorrow; Disease is also sorrow, death is sorrow, unpleasant union is also sorrow, dear separation is also. Seeing the world as miserable, Buddha said 'Sabbam Dukhan' means that all things are sad.
 There are many reasons due to the generation of sorrow, ie grief community. The root of all causes is trishna (pipasa or longing). Attachment and raga arise from trishna itself. The form, word, smell, juice and mental reasoning are due to attachment. The abolition or elimination of craving is necessary for the prevention of grief or relief. In the world, leaving the desire or desire of the things which seem dear, paves the way for the prevention of grief. The spiritual path is anti-sorrow-gamini pratipada, that is, the Buddha has achieved nirvana
The path indicated is called the octagonal route. It has eight rules; Therefore it is called ashtangik (with eight rules). The eight rules are as follows:

i) Right view - free from superstitions and misconceptions
Correct vision.
ii) Samyak Sankalpa - Right thought, highly enlightened enthusiast.
iii) Right speech - Always use true and soft speech which is righteous.
iv) Samyak Karma / Karmant - Samyak Karma, which is peaceful, beautiful and pure ie to engage in good deeds.
V) Right-of-living - suitable livelihood; Which is earned without causing any harm or harm to any creature.
vi) Right Exercise - Reasonable efforts in the direction of self-training and self-control, ie, prudent efforts.
vii) Samyukta Smriti - Correct conscious awareness, active and alert mind, that is, remembering the conscience and caution towards your actions continuously.
viii) Samyak Samadhi - Proper concentration of mind ie right concentration and serious thinking on deep mysteries of life.

If a man walks this path and leads a pure life, he can avoid sorrows. Following this ascendant path, a person moves towards Nirvana. Buddha has forbidden both to lead a more pleasurable life or to engage in excessive physique-affliction under the ascendant path. He has preached Madhyam Pratipada (Marg) in this regard.
By following moderate reflection, the purpose of human life is to get rid of all kinds of miseries, this is what is called nirvana.

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