Saturday, September 12, 2020

The dedication to Public Service.

- The civil service that the British Empire created was aristocratic and conservative and owed allegiance to the British government. After the government became a welfare state, such civil servants were needed
To play an active agent in national department and public welfare.
Surrender is a Hindi translation of the English word Dedication. Commitment to a personal or social purpose is a high-intensity state of mind. This state of mind creates intense feelings towards the purpose which controls a person's behaviors. In a civil servant the following signs of feeling of dedication to public service should be seen-
1) Public servants should not continue to work enthusiastically before and after seeing the office hours.
2) The underprivileged should continue to help so that you feel satisfied.
3) To exercise their rights in such a way that maximum resources are spent on the sections which need them most.
4) If a person is not able to complete the formalities for availing government services, then go ahead and help him.
5) Pay more attention to positive results rather than rules.

Before independence, the main goal of the Indian Public Service under British rule was to run law and order, revenue and orders. The responsibility of the Indian administrators was to the British Crown. After independence, socio-economic justice and all-round development was established as a fact by accepting the concept of public welfare state. Presently, the establishment of good governance is the ideal of the nation, it is possible only when the implementation of policies is done well, which is the responsibility of the public servants and the public.
Servants are paid salaries from the Consolidated Fund in India. In such a situation, it is the duty of public servants to surrender to public service. Conservation and promotion of public interest is public service, rising above prejudice by caste, religion, sex, species, place of birth, language, province, region etc. It contains the concept of Sarvodaya accepted by Gandhi, while dedicating itself to working with responsibility and commitment while keeping a passionate attachment to the goal, if the public servant has a dedication towards the civil service, then it has an impact on the general public as well And a sense of participation arises in those actions. Implementation of policies in such a situation
It takes place effectively. Public servants should have dedication towards constitutional values, public interest and social justice. Let the public servants
Work should be seen as an opportunity to act as a service rather than as a job, such as working day and night to save people trapped in a disaster, bypassing personal difficulties and problems during a disaster, their dedication to public service Indicates Eg - at the time of landslide in Uttarakhand, at the time of coronation.

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