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Sunday, September 13, 2020

Important characterstics of Buddhist sites of Madhya Pradesh

Sanchi is located in the Raisen district of Madhya Pradesh. It is situated 46 km from Bhopal. It is famous for its Buddhist stupas which are included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites List. The main stupa of these was built by the Mauryan Emperor Ashoka the Great. The column article of Emperor Ashoka is also found here. A few years ago the International Buddhist University has also been established here. Ashoka's beloved Rani Devi is also said to be born in Sanchi. She was the daughter of Vidisha's superior. she was also married to Ashoka here. Ashoka's children Mahendra and Putri Sanghamitra, who spread Buddhism in Sri Lanka, also resided in Sanchi's monastery.

Sanchi has many stupas, not one. Stupa number 1 is the most important of all the stupas here, which is also known as Mahastupa. Originally it was built by Emperor Ashoka. He built a small brick structure on the ashes of Mahatma Buddha. It is believed that it had a wooden-railing and a stone-canopy on it.  On its dome, three chhatris were placed against each other. These three chhatris represent the triratna ( three mantras - Buddha Sharanam Gachchami / Dhamma Sharanam Gachchami. Sangham Sharanam Gachchami ) of Buddhism.

Apart from stupas, monasteries and temples are also found here. The temple is of Gupta period. Archaeological Museum of Sanchi is also very special. It was built in 1919 by Sir John Marshall atop the hill. But in 1966 it was shifted down the hill. A pillar of Ashoka has also been found in Sanchi, on which the article is written in Brahmi script and Prakrit language. This pillar weighing 50 tonnes was built in Chunar and established here.

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