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Sunday, September 13, 2020

Why did Gandhiji accepted the partition of the country

Mahatma Gandhi was against the partition of India and he did not want to allow the partition of India under any circumstances, but due to the  immediate worsening circumstances, Gandhi had to accept the partition of country. In fact, many people gave various suggestions to satisfy the Muslims and to keep India undivided. A scheme was created by Sir Tej Bahadur Sapru and Rajagopalachari on 10 July 1944, in this proposal, the right to decide to be natural to India was accepted. Rajaji's proposal was blessed by Mahatma ji. After this, Gandhiji sent a letter to Jinnah on 24 September 1944 and wrote the terms of partition to Jinnah in the letter. Gandhiji did not recognize the two-nation theory. But they were ready for partition on the basis that the Muslims, where they are in absolute majority, are willing to stay away from the rest of India.

He wrote - I have a difference of opinion with you about Aadhaar, yet I can recommend it to the Congress and the country to accept the claim of segregation mentioned in the resolution passed by the Muslim League in Lahore in 1940 on my Aadhaar and on the following terms Take it. Jinnah immediately rejected Gandhiji's proposal on the second day. 24 to give consent to the formula of Rajaji's partition and Jinnah
On the basis of writing a letter in September 1944 stating their conditions for the agreement, the conclusion that Gandhiji had accepted partition was inevitable.
Gandhiji was not a member of the All India Congress Committee but Nehruji urged him to address the meeting of the said committee.
did. This meeting took place on 14 June 1947. Nehruji and others knew that the members were against partition. They also knew that Gandhiji would silence them and force them to follow the leaders.

Gandhiji said, "You should have no doubt that no one else has suffered as much as I have been hurt by the partition of the country. No one else will be as sad as I am today. But what has been done by your work committee If it is done by accepting parting from it, it is taken. (Now we have to consider what is our duty.

The Congress Working Committee has done so consciously and has some important reasons. This decision, the Congress, the Muslim League and the British Government have all taken together if you reject it… it is necessary that you
The world will call you irresponsible, understand time. The need of the hour is that we control our tongue and do what is in India's interest.

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